Icelandic Wound Healing Society (SUMS) is a multidisciplinary organisation. Members are nurses, doctors, podiatrists among a few other health professionals with special interest in wound healing. The organisation was established in Reykjavik, Iceland, October 28th, 2004 with assistance from EWMA as well as financial support from the Icelandic company Ossur ehf. Members of SUMS are 180 and we have 14 sponsors, various companies that sell wound related products.

The objectives of SUMS are to further educate health care professionals on wound healing, to promote research on wounds in the Icelandic population, and to set up meetings and conferences to exchange ideas across professions.

Since we started much has been accomplished. Educational meetings have been held twice a year for the past 10 years. A larger whole day meeting is held in a conference center with Icelandic and international speakers, and a smaller educational meeting at the University Hospital. The society promotes Icelandic wound research with two yearly grants for the past seven years. Our greatest achievement was convincing the health care authorities of the necessity of a specialized wound care center and its realisation in Landspitali University Hospital in Reykjavik in 2009.